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We are not just any sports marketing and promotions company...
We are pioneers of a new advertising tool taking sports stadiums around the globe by storm!

Creative Hype started with just one great idea - the Footy Lid™. An idea so good, that hundreds of thousands of Footy Lids have been worn and loved by rugby fans across the world. Eight years later that concept, of a cost-effective branding vehicle, has spread beyond rugby franchises and sponsors worldwide.

Today, Creative Hype designs, produces products and project-manages innovative promotional campaigns around the globe.
Our clients are professional sports clubs and organisations who want to add value to their sponsor relationships. Even more than that, they want to engage and reward their fans - and Creative Hype delivers. We take care of everything, from in-house design and production to in-stadium activation - making sure everything is done right every step of the way.

Most of our work is done for repeat clients who first approach us after seeing our products at live or televised sports events.

That’s positive proof of the promotional power of our products and the service we provide!

Creative Hype About Us - Creative Brand advertising
Creative Hype About Us - Creative Brand advertising

Our Products

Our products are constructed in card and are designed to be handed out, in a flat format, as a free giveaway to fans as they enter stadiums. All our products have been developed in-house by Creative Hype and are Registered Designs protected globally by Patent and Copyright.

Our work

Take a look at some of our projects below. Our products have increased fan engagement and built atmosphere all over the world. We’d love to help you further leverage your sponsorship.


  • The hype and excitement that this product created amongst fans of all ages was amazing and it was certainly the focus of discussion around the ground.

    Jarrod Bryce, Director (EZ Deals)

  • When executed in larger numbers at any NRL fixture, it would be safe to say there would be a sea of branded headgears throughout the ground ... I would have no hesitation recommending it as an effective ground promotional product

    Bowie Phillips, National Advertising Manager (Big League: the official magazine of the NRL)

  • The headgear was undoubtedly the most popular promotion we have ever run.

    Luke Byrne, Corporate Partnerships Manager (South Sydney Rabbitohs)


We handle everything from in-house design and production through to in-stadium activation. We ensure sponsors, clubs and fans are all happy.
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